Business and investment opportunities of Internet-based businesses in Iran

  • 06/23/2018
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Business and investment opportunities of Internet-based businesses in Iran

Internet growth and development has created a new business field and social changes in our life. Fortunately Iran is among countries with high development rate in Internet-based businesses and internet access rate more than 80%.
It is clear that internet has made huge changes in transformation of businesses from their traditional form. Businesses such eBay, amazon, Alibaba and so on are among the most successful and prosperous Internet-based businesses that has changed shopping trends around the world.
Start-ups and new businesses have been created in recent years in Iran such as digikala, bamilo, eligasht and so on at first there was this attitude that these businesses were all started and owned by private sectors but regarding the high demand for such services and also lack of unemployment and development integration, government has decided to support Internet-based businesses by applying new rules.
In relation to government's approach, growth of Internet businesses as well as public acceptance of changes, investment in this sector seems to be very intellectually and successful.
In relation to studies and collected data regarding Internet-based businesses, they indicate that young people are more interested in online shopping than the others and ever since Iran benefits from young population it is more likely for these type of businesses to proceed and succeed.
According to statistics, 1227 startups were established in the field of ICT and 2500 business units associated with these activities in the last year. Also, four startups had sales volume worth for 40000 billion IRR. It is notable that these businesses have been created in recent years in result of internet and infrastructure growth.
Opportunities of internet business in Iran
The opportunities of investment in internet businesses in Iran as follows:
• Young population
• Fast growth of internet
• Providing the infrastructure for growth and access to the internet
• Targeting in the development of internet businesses
• Need to create job opportunities
• Lack of internet businesses
Also available incentives of investment in internet businesses in Iran as follows:
• Easiness of obtaining permits
• Creating the technology infrastructures at universities
• Facilitating the rules for internet businesses
• Tax exemption
Participation and investment ways
Participation and investment ways in internet businesses in Iran as follows:
• Financial support for ideas of technological and internet businesses
• Direct investment
• Supplying the raw materials and distributor companies
• Providing internet infrastructures

There is great opportunity for investors in this field regarding the growing trends of internet as well as changing rules and regulation in favor of the entrepreneurs and business owners.
According to initial cost of this businesses and their profitability, working in this type of businesses will be very productive and efficient.
At last internet growth and increases on access rate of individuals to internet infrastructures results in business growth in this field that indicates a great potential for this type of business in Iran.