Why Sepinud

To find answer to the question why you should choose us, is in effect answering what it is that makes us that remarkable. We have tried to sum up this distinctive feature in some key words
  • We are honest with you
  • We have sufficient knowledge and experience
  • We think of a win-win situation
  • We are trustworthy
  • Sincerity and integrity are two personality traits central to any accredited advisor's professional career. Some short-term interests, however, take precedence over long term and sustainable ones at times. We have the belief that the magic trick of the business world is honesty since it makes the advisor and client long-term partners, building up a mutual trust between them
  • To minimize the risks is one of the principal aims of consulting services. What if the consultant is lacking in knowledge and experienceIf so, the outcome is definitely not favorable. When the advisor knows very little and suffers the lack of experience, how can he ever exercise it After being in teamwork for more or less ten years in Sepinud Shargh, we can now assert that we have acquired sufficient knowledge and experience
  • We have the belief that maximization of our interests is tied to those of our clients and the interests of both parties are not only opposing but also aligned. That said, we attempt to make your interests the priority, feeling certain that our interests get fulfilled only once yours are taken care of
  • In general, investors and entrepreneurs want their ideas and information to be safeguarded. Non-disclosure of a bright idea for a venture capital, keeping the formula of a new substance confidential in chemical industries, and the accounts of a research on a competitive market of today can be vital to the insiders. As advisors, our primary task is to protect your information and ideas and keeping them from leaking out by any means

About Sepinud

The strategic studies institute, Sepinud Shargh, was founded in 2006 through the efforts made by a group of professors and highly competent experts in industrial engineering, management and economics with the aim of operating in the field of research, consultation and education in management and engineering. As far as we are concerned, the way to elevating industry and entrepreneurship, naturalizing sophisticated technology and strengthening industrial investment goes through the sustainable and thorough development. Sepinud Shargh played its part to the best of its ability to promote erudite and well-thought-out culture of investment in the national

Creating specialized working groups in different fields, attending conferences on sciences and consultation, getting local and global licenses as well as carrying out various and varied projects are among Sepinud's campaigns the titles of which are presented below in full details:arena.

Our Team

Dr Omran Mohammadi

Member of the Board of Directors and Operation consultant


Mohsen Sharif

Member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director


Seyyed Majd-o-din Moghimi

Senior Economic Advisor


Dr Mehdi Kanaani

Senior Economic Advisor


Dr Alireza Solokdar

Senior Economic Advisor


Dr Shahrzad Yazdan Panah Ardakani

Legal Consultant


Core values

Sepinud Shargh's personnel have made a commitment to offer appropriate services with due regard for human dignity and the other party's interests. Our corporate values include:
  • Commitment to honesty, righteousness and professional undertaking
  • Adhering to the principles of proper investment in keeping with thorough and sustainable growth across the country
  • Dedication to environment protection
  • Respect for requirements and requests by other parties
  • Respect for human resource development and encouraging individuals' creativity and talents
  • Learning and continuous improvement
  • Behaving in an open and clear way
  • Collective decision-making
  • Empathy, accountability and sincerity at work

About Logo and Name

Sepinud, meaning clean and pure, is an originally Iranian name that is also mentioned in Shahnameh (long epic poem written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi). It also means the snow that comes in heaven. Sepinud's new brand or logo is primarily reminiscent of an hourglass that shows the importance of time and time management for Sepinud institute. The logo, on the other hand, represents the two seeds of a chain that are intertwined, signalling the win-win cooperation of the consultant and other stakeholders and striving for a common goal. Together, these chain seeds form the letter s, which is the first letter of the word Sepinud. At the top of the letter s, the two arrows, gray and orange, indicate movement toward excellence and progress. Each half of the letters can also be thought of as a shield that somehow reduces the risk for employers and stakeholders. in order to grow and evolve, Sepinud Shargh Institute unveiled its new logo after 14 years of effort and experience in May 2020.

Vision for 2022 and the statement of mission

We are one of the sublime and up-and-coming consulting firms to be ranked among the top ten pioneers, capable of providing services under the national and international standards and employs expert and experienced staff with due regard for interests of all beneficiaries in the region.

Statement of the mission

fering investment & industrial advisory services to investors and entrepreneurs, managing and supervising industrial and agricultural projects, implementing the states' industrial projects, relying on corporate efficiency and the experts' know-how, observing financial and fiscal principles, enhancing the good reputation of the brand with the aim of building up trust and bringing satisfaction to each client.

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