Opportunities of investment and business in Iran’s recycling industry

  • 06/23/2018
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Opportunities of investment and business in Iran’s recycling industry

Publish Date: 11/6/2017
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Due to growth of population and increasing the consumption amount of materials, waste and residues management correctly has become a serious challenge for the metropolises in the world. Iran with a population of over 80 million people and also 70 percent of the population living in cities as well as large cities with low geographic extent toward to population per capita such as Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz and in the northern Caspian that during the year welcomes millions of passengers from other parts of the country not been exempted from this challenge.

The related statistics on production of waste in Iran are as follows:
The annual production of waste: about 20 million tons
The average of daily produced waste per capita in the country: 700 grams per person
Waste per capita in urban areas: 658 grams per day
Waste per capita in rural areas: between 220 and 340 grams per day
The average of produced waste per capita: 240 kg per person per year
Weight of produced waste in Iran: about 45000 tons per day

Problem of waste and its management
In recent years, metropolises have been faced seriously with problem of waste and its management. Among the solutions for this problem can be noted methods such as incineration, burial and creating the flat centers for accumulating the waste. These methods have adverse effects on nature and human society, such as entering the leachate of wet waste to groundwater and flowing waters and polluting them, evaporating the toxic and foul-smelling gases within a few dozen yards of these centers that leads to adverse life for residents, outbreak of illness, evaporating the toxic gases from burning waste and enormous costs of collecting and transporting and evacuating them by mentioned methods that will create a lot costs in the long term. All of these disadvantages, has led to create the need to safe and low-cost solutions than previous methods. For this reason, plans have been considered such as producing energy from waste incineration, separating and recycling them and also processing them in various ways includes compost and dilatory or decomposing in nature.
In this field, different plans in recent years have been implemented in some cities such as separating in beginning or ways to reduce the volume of waste in beginning includes drying. But due to concentration of population and extent of country, these plans not have been implemented nationwide.
Cost of collecting and evacuating the waste has caused to revenue and to supply the costs through the related way on rubbish and waste. Because of this, different plans have been considered such as proper recycling the waste instead of previous methods, using the standardized and appropriate waste incinerators in order to generate energy and to processing the wet waste. These are opportunities for creating the business in Iran.

Opportunities of investment in recycling
Opportunities of investment in recycling can help to facilitate business in Iran. These opportunities are include:
The high volume of waste production, because of high population in metropolis
Guaranteed purchase of generated electricity generated by government in this field
Import tax breaks for required devices in this industry

According to the above-mentioned cases and statistics, investing in Iran’s recycling sector is very profitable and appropriate and due to the collective effort in government body of urban management and also informing and training citizens, a lot of support for investors in this sector can be predicted.
In addition, due to the high cost of mining, processing and manufacturing products again such as metal, glass and plastic containers, can create processes of recycling in order to re-production of these materials and products from waste and can be predicted great benefit and appropriate market for these products.
It should be noted that due to the Iran's population distribution, centers and sources of waste generation of large cities and around of Caspian are changeable because of presenting the high passengers. For this reason, for entering to this industry and business in Iran, must do feasibility studies in order to reduce risk of investment risk and to increase profit of investment.