Feasibility Study of Establishing a Health Village in Anzali Free Zone

Feasibility Study of Establishing a Health Village in Anzali Free Zone

Project Date : 2018
Employer : Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran The Supreme Council of Iran’s Free Trade, Industrial & Special Economic Zones


Tourism is to travel for pleasure and business which recently become the most interesting industry
in the world. Tourism plays such a major role in most countries that it has become an inseparable
aspect of their economy. By developing infrastructures and improving this industry, we can boost
economy and raise incomes in Anzali free zone.

Medical tourism, that has taken all the attentions, is a recent phenomenon in economy.
Gilan province is a suitable place for medical tourism based on geographical and natural
attractions, graceful weather, and mineral hot and cold water resources. Also proximity to CIS
countries and Azerbaijan, common culture and religion, high grade and proficient medical
equipment and diverse tourist attractions can help improving tourism industry in this region.

Since 2017, one thousand foreign medical tourists have used medical and care services in Gilan;
statistics indicate that 200 were using state care centers and the rest (800) used private sector
medical centers and hospitals.

As reports show, the income gained from medical tourism in Iran for the last year was about $1.2
billion and it is expected to reach 7 billion dollars by the next year due to rich medical knowledge
and unique facilities.

Due to lack of convenient infrastructures, Gilan
’s share for medical tourism in the country is very
little but it is expected to grow by enhancing facilities with aim of absorbing more tourists from
CIS countries.

Establishing Health village centers can help creating jobs and improving incomes, so that
government provides supports in order to cut down unemployment rate and improve tourism.

Competitive advantages of investment in Anzali free zone:

Anzali Free Zone is located on the North-South International Corridor known as Nestrack, which
is referred to as the 21st century freight corridor between Asia and Europe. A special position for
communication with the Caspian littoral states, proximity to the ports of Astrakhan and Lagan in
Russia, Krasnodar in Turkmenistan, the Aktau in Kazakhstan and Baku in Azerbaijan, access to
CIS countries markets (300 million consumers), existence of transit routes and connections with
cities and regions of the country and neighboring countries including Russia, Central Asia and the
Caucasian countries, proximity to the largest Caspian oil and gas reserves,and 20-year tax
exemption make Anzali free zone an inviting region for investment


Also the advantages can be named as below:
Easy travel and no need for visa (for the majority of Middle-Eastern countries)
Proximity to Middle-Eastern countries
Inexpensive medical costs
Proficient medical and therapeutic services
Common culture and language among some of Middle-Eastern countries

Health village is a complex providing hospital and care besides recreational services such as
accommodation in hotels, medical and relaxation massages, water therapy centers, traditionalmedical centers and etc.

Anzali Free-Zone is one of the only free trade Zone areas located in the south of the Caspian Sea
(8609 acres, 40km coastline, population: more than 30 thousand). Besides, Anzali free-zone
benefits from neighboring countries and cities and big markets of Caucasian and central Asian
countries which have made this region one of the most important commercial corridors among
Caspian Sea countries. Also, the connection of Caspian port with Baku, Türkmenb
Turkmenistan, Turkmenia, Aktau Kazakhstan, and Astrakhan Russia and also effective use of
multiple transportation (Sea, Rail), connection of Urumqi China to Aktau Kazakhstan, beautiful
natural sceneries, recreational complexes like recreational waterfronts, equilibriums, birds garden
and sport complexes, a marina sailing complex, multiple transportation infrastructures, tourism
complexes with first grade equipment and convenient weather have made great potentials for
expansion in this region.

Special care services of health villages:

Psychological issues: patients suffering from psychological issues need to be
accommodated in calm places which can help them mentally restore.
Elderlies/Seniors: regarding lack of convenient elderly care centers, families and majority
of people look for reliable and standard centers to take care of their aging parents.
Intermediate care: intermediate care is a new emerging concept of care for patients who
cannot stay in hospitals due to unreasonable costs (regarding their illness) or cannot stay
in house due to lack of necessary equipment and facilities. In a health village, proper
conditions to take care of such patients are provided.
Medical tourism: medical tourism refers to tourists that travel from their country to use
medical treatment and tourism services in Iran.

The purpose of the plan is to establish a health village in Anzali free zone including a hospital with
the capacity of 100 beds, specialized clinic centers, pharmacy, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy
centers, residence and etc.

Specifications of the health village center:
Total area: 38 thousand square meters
Medical area: 11.6 thousand square meters

-Residential area: 2400 square meters
Restaurant and coffee shops area: 1000 square meters
Office area: 640 square meters
Landscaping area: 18.780 square meters
Parking space area: 5000 square meters



 Health Village in Anzali Free Zone


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