Feasibility Study of Establishing Bunkering and Storage Service Complex

Feasibility Study of Establishing Bunkering and Storage Service Complex

Project Date : 2018
Employer : Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran The Supreme Council of Iran’s Free Trade, Industrial & Special Economic Zones


Bunkering is the process of supplying fuel for ships, which includes shipboard logistics of
loading fuel and distributing it among available bunker tanks as the ships are loading or

Fuel and bunkering services fall in to three categories: big oil companies, individual big fuel
suppliers and individual small fuel suppliers.

According to facts, most of fuel and bunkering services in the world are located in Asia like
Singapore and Fujairah with capacity of 24 million tons per capita. Despite the fact that all
Mazut needed by the Fujairah is only provided by Iran, Iran
’s Bunkering share is less than
20% of Fujairah
’s total production.

In addition, since the Persian Gulf is a prosperous land with loads of energy resources in the
world including 30 percent of oil production and 63 percent of established oil resources, it
has a great potential for boosting business in this region. Meanwhile, there are only a few
places in Persian Gulf and Oman Sea which provide bunkering services, including Bandar
Abbas, Khark, Qeshm, Asaluyeh and Chabahar.

The great deal of oil resources and the geographical location of Qeshm Island have made it a
bunkering hub in southern Iran. Skilled workforce, deep coastal region, and potential to
establish piers fitting for mooring giant ships are the advantages of Qeshm Island for
bunkering services.

Considering the strategic location of Iran and its access to international transportation
corridors, big sources of energy, access to free waters and interaction between responsible
domestic organizations, Iran will own a great share of this prosperous industry.

Iran is located alongside Oman Sea and Persian Gulf, since then there is an access to free
water which is a very crowded corridor for ships including industrial and trading ships.

Statistics show that 12 thousand ships cross
“Strait of Hormuz” per year, therewith the
bunkering service is among other ways such as catering, hotel and recreational centers, etc. to
boost business in this area.

To compare Qeshm Island with other places for bunkering and refueling, mooring ships in
Qeshm will reduce the distance for 300 miles, which is very beneficial for ship owners and
their companies.

Access to free waters and broad naval transportation, unique geographical and economic
location in Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, 20-year tax exemption (in order to encourage
investors for investment), Exemption from value added taxes and customs duties are salient
features that make Qeshm Free Zone a convenient place for investment in different sectors
especially for Bunkering services.



 Bunkering and Storage Service Complex


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