Feasibility Study of Construction of an Indoor Waterpark

Feasibility Study of Construction of an Indoor Waterpark

Project Date : 2018
Employer : Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran The Supreme Council of Iran’s Free Trade, Industrial & Special Economic Zones


Tourism industry is considered as a dynamic and influential activity in the social, cultural, and
economic development of human societies. Besides, by combining and using domestic and
foreign resources, it will influence
nation’s relations, people and cultures.

Gilan province benefits from prosperous and green jungles, historical and ancient sites,
convenient weather, beautiful beaches which all together provide great potentials to expand
tourism in Anzali free zone. Developing tourism industry has direct influence on employment
and economy of the region.

It must be noted that tourism is not only restricted to natural or historical attractions.
Construction of modern hotels, artificial ponds, waterparks and etc. can affect tourism as well.
Waterparks especially can play leading roles to attract more tourists and additionally to expand

In general, water parks can be divided into open-air and indoor. Open-air water parks are usually
in tropical and subtropical locations, while indoor parks are seen more often in urban areas.
The purpose of this plan is to study the feasibility of construction of an indoor water park in
Anzali Free Zone.

Anzali Free Zone is one of the only free-trade zones located in the south of the Caspian Sea (8609
acres, 40km coastline, and population: more than 30 thousand). There are great potentials for
expansion in this region due to beautiful natural sceneries, recreational complexes like recreational
waterfronts, equilibriums,
birds’ garden and sport complexes, a marina sailing complex, multiple
transportation infrastructures to establish high-tech industrial units, processing and packaging
factories for agro products, tourism complexes with first grade equipment and convenient weather.

The location of Anzali Free Zone in the North of the country, as the most tourist-friendly region
in the whole country of Iran, reveals the necessity of the recreational facilities development for
tourists more than before. Anzali Free Zone, as one of the commercial hubs of Iran, has a large
share in the country’s land transport. Also, the benefits and incentives of the Free Zone have
created special business opportunities for businessmen and economic groups of Iran and the
neighboring countries. These needs will increasingly evolve with the development of Free Zone

Anzali Free Zone is located on the North-South International Corridor, which is referred to as the
21st century freight corridor between Asia and Europe. A special position for communication with
the Caspian littoral states, proximity to the ports of Astrakhan and Lagan in Russia, Krasnodar in
Turkmenistan, the Aktau in Kazakhstan and Baku in Azerbaijan, access to CIS countries markets,
existence of transit routes and connections with cities and regions of the country and neighboring
countries including Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasian countries, proximity to the largest
Caspian oil and gas reserves and 20-year tax exemption make Anzali Free Zone an inviting region
for investment.



Construction of an Indoor Waterpark


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