Feasibility Study of Construction of an Amusement Park and a Safari Land

Feasibility Study of Construction of an Amusement Park and a Safari Land

Project Date : 2018
Employer : Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran The Supreme Council of Iran’s Free Trade, Industrial & Special Economic Zones


Recreation and entertainment are considered as the basic human needs these days, and the lack of
attention to them can cause an irreversible damage to the psychological to families and the
society. The turmoil of this modern age, has increased the need for places for entertainment,
which can play a major role in overcoming this fundamental need. While, tourist attractions must
always seeks to enrich and enhance facilities in order to improve this industry.

Meanwhile, Qeshm Free Zone benefits from economic and geographic advantages in Persian
Gulf and Oman Sea and access to free waters. It also provides motivating rules and regulations,
such as 20-
year tax exemption on real and legal person’s income, exemption from value added
rate, incentive rules to import and export products, free inflow and outflow of capital and
obtaining investment profit and comparable business environment, would provide a suitable
investment ground for generating economic activities.

Moreover, the strategic location of Qeshm Free Zone has made this island an important place in
Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean. Morphological, biological diversity, unique geographic location,
young population are and among important features of Qeshm Free Zone.

Qeshm Island benefits from a population of 148,993 people (according to census report of 2016),
unique and diverse natural attractions which have made this island a host of more than 2 million
tourists each year. Besides visiting natural landscapes, they can also enjoy exciting amenities.

The construction of the amusement park and Safari route as a recreational complex on this island
can influence tourism in Qeshm Free Zone.

An amusement park is generally a complete and a big playground, with a huge collection of
entertainment devices which all designed to provide a good time for a large group of people. The
term "safari" in words means surfing in nature, desert with fast-moving off-road vehicles.
Together, the combination of these activities on the beautiful Qeshm Island can make a great
place for tourists who have traveled to Qeshm Island. It must be noted that, not only tourists but
also the local and residents of Qeshm Island and Hormozgan province can use these facilities
which marks a great potential for expansion of recreational and leisure activities in this region



 Amusement Park and a Safari Land


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