Feasibility Study of Construction of a Health Village Centered on a half-built Hospital in the South of Kish Free Zone

Feasibility Study of Construction of a Health Village Centered on a half-built Hospital in the South of Kish Free Zone

Project Date : 2018
Employer : Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran The Supreme Council of Iran’s Free Trade, Industrial & Special Economic Zones


Expansion of tourism industry, in addition to promoting national identity, leads to broader
economic dimensions including job cre
ation, income generation, poverty reduction and spread of
social justice and welfare in society.

Researches show that in the past few years, the Middle East has had the most growth in tourism,
but Iran's position in the global tourist market is lower than Estonia, Cyprus, Uruguay and even a
small country like Bahrain, and Iran only possesses less than 1% of the world’s tourism market.

According to studies, each health tourist imports 3 times more money to the country than other
tourists. More precisely, the costs incurred by foreign patients in Iran are only 30% in the
treatment sector, and the rest are spent on accommodation and entertainment. Regarding the
country's tariffs and services, it is expected that each patient, in average, imports at least 5000 to
7000 dollars to the country.

Currently, Kish Free Zone, which has become one of the most important tourist, commercial and
maritime areas in the region benefits from sufficient transportation infrastructure (Air and sea
transportation) by Increasing the capacity of international airport to 8 million passengers,
Modern port passenger and terminal development, Hotels, Modern tourism, Residential centers,
Modern tourist attractions, Marine tourism, Environmentally friendly infrastructure.

Considering its natural and climatic conditions, its location, tourism, cultural, historical and other
facilities, and tourism potentials can be advantages of the region, based on its potential and
actual capabilities to create health tourism.

To name Health villages in Iran, we can refer to the health village located in the 17th district of
Tehran, as well as Malekabad Health Village in Mashhad which is under construction.

The highest number of health tourists in the last three years was about 80,000 foreign tourists
most of whom were from Azerbaijan, Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic, eastern Turkey and
northern Iraq.

Considering the natural and climatic conditions, cultural, historical and tourist centers, the actual
and potential capacity of tourist attraction, experienced and efficient workforce and the presence
of educated people interested in growth and excellence, Kish Free Zone can be considered one of
the most promising areas of the country for creating health tourism, relying on its potential and
actual capabilities.

Therefore, Kish is considered as a tourist destination with the presence of well-appointed doctors
alongside the beautiful nature and significant monuments. Kish Free Zone with 1.5 million
domestic and foreign tourists and about 40 thousand residents has a great potential for

construction of a health village.

20-years tax exemption (in order to encourage investors for investment), customs duties
exemption and commercial profits for importing goods produced in the zone from the other parts
of Iran according to the Value Added Law, unrestricted foreign investment, capital full guarantee
have made great potentials for investment in this region.

Hospital beds per capita is 3.5 beds per 1,000 people in the world. This number is 2.5 beds in
neighboring countries and 1.7 beds in Iran. This is while the beds per capita is about 1.2 in
Hormozgan province and 1.6 beds per 1,000 people in Kish. Therefore, hospital beds per capita
in Hormozgan province and Kish Island is less than Iran and neighboring countries while
Hormozgan Province has a population of 1.7 million people and Kish Island has a population of
about 40 thousand people.

To reach the regional index of about 2.5 beds per 1,000 people, it will be necessary to add 77,987
hospital beds in the next ten years.

According to the 1.24-per-cent growth rate of the population, 226,022 hospital beds are required
for the whole country, 5369 beds for Hormozgan province and 113 beds for Kish Island. This
number of hospital beds only provides the requirements of residents of the area and the island;
therefore, the number of required beds to be added by 1408 is about 49 beds.
On the other hand, 64 hospital beds in Kish Island will be outworn and eliminated by the year
1405. Therefore, the health village with a central hospital of 200 beds in this plan has been

Location of the project is centered on a 200-bed half-built hospital in the South of Kish Island, so
the number of beds for the hospital in the health village is selected as 200.


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