Feasibility Study of Construction of a Botanical Garden

Feasibility Study of Construction of a Botanical Garden

Employer : Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran The Supreme Council of Iran’s Free Trade, Industrial & Special Economic Zones


Tourism industry, despite its rapidity, is an ideal platform for investment. In spite of diverse
cultural, historical and primitive nature, tourism industry has become an ideal opportunity for
investment as the most widespread, diversified, and most dynamic service industry in the world.

Considering development and expanding the use of medicinal plants in many countries shows a
high growth in investment in this sector. Also increasing growth of tourism industry in different
societies and the impact of this industry on the global economy and public welfare, investments
in this sector are highly regarded by governments and private investors.

Iran is one of the most unique areas for cultivation and production of medicinal plants, due to
vast majority of natural resources. In the past, this natural capacity was not much exploited, but
in the past 10 years, cultivation, rearing and production of pharmaceutical, health and beauty
products, and edible supplements have grown dramatically, which has influenced the expansion
of pharmaceutical companies in the country.

Currently, Kish Free Zone, which has become one of the most important tourist, commercial and
maritime areas in the region benefits from sufficient transportation infrastructure (air and sea
transportation) by Increasing the capacity of international airport to 8 million passengers, modern
port passenger and terminal development, hotels, modern tourism, residential centers, modern
tourist attractions, marine tourism, environmentally friendly infrastructure.

Considering the tourist reception capacity of Kish Free Zone, which will be multiplied by the
completion of the development plans in one hand and special climate and special conditions of
the island, there is a good potential for growing unique plants in this region. In addition to that,
construction of a botanical garden in Kish Island can attract lots of tourists

Botanical gardens, are usually formed with indigenous plants and in addition to creating a
pleasant environment for tourists, they can help others to get more familiar with traditional
medicine of Iran and better understanding of using herbs.

According to recent studies, construction of a botanical garden in Kish Free Zone is quite feasible;
moreover, 20-year tax exemption, exemption from customs duties for importing machinery and
raw materials and exporting goods, full guarantee of foreign capital and their profit, foreign
investment participation up to 100% and etc. will definitely have positive influence on any
business in the region.

Construction of a Botanical Garden


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