Feasibility Study of Construction of Hendurabi Coastal Village

Feasibility Study of Construction of Hendurabi Coastal Village

Project Date : 2018
Employer : Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran The Supreme Council of Iran’s Free Trade, Industrial & Special Economic Zones


Tourism industry, despite its rapidity, is an ideal platform for investment. In spite of diverse
cultural, historical and primitive nature, tourism industry has become an ideal opportunity for
investment as the most widespread, diversified, and most dynamic service industry in the world.

Tourism is considered as a newly discovered industry in Iran and the world. Even though this
industry has various competitive advantages, it has a small share in
Iran’s economy; therefore, it
can provide many business and investment opportunities for the country and investors (foreign or

Furthermore, seas and beaches have created great potentials to attract tourists and create jobs
which can fulfill a large part of the country's economic goals. In addition, increasing income rate,
creating employment, supplying general requirement for indigenous inhabitants and etc. can help
to increase the consistency and sustainability of the urban population of the coastal cities.

Persian Gulf, which is located along the Oman Sea, between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula, is
the third largest gulf in the world. It includes 130 islands that indicates a great potential for
development of tourism activities. Honduran Island, as one of the sub-clusters of Kish Island, has
many prospects in terms of tourism; such as water, soil, fresh air, and proximity to the specific
business conditions of Kish Island which can supply some part of tourism requirement of the

In addition, the depth of the sea on the east coast of the island varies from 8 to 18 meters, which
is suitable for construction of Snore clinic or night diving.

At the deepest points, there are beautiful sea stars. In addition, the ancient monuments of the
island such as "Al-Duraat" and "Al-Sara" are located in the ancient village of Hendurabi. The
Portuguese military fortifications of the Safavid period are located near the village of Hendurabi.
Beautiful Natural landscapes and also the concentration of corals on the northern coasts of the
Honduran Island have made it an important habitat for aquatic species in the region.

In order to meet the main concern of tourists, construction of the coastal tourism village in
Hondurani is being examined in this study. The coastal village is a collection of modern design
and recreational services that are set up near the beach. The Honduran Beach Resort includes a
hotel, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a cultural, recreational, and water sports center.

Advantages of investment in Kish Free Zone:
100% ownership for foreign investors
Full guarantee of foreign capital and their interests
20-year tax exemption

exemption from customs duties to import machinery and products

The proximity of Hondurabi Island to Kish Island as one of the largest tourist attraction centers
in Iran, beautiful and unique nature, absence of industrial factories, calm and pacified
atmosphere due to its low population (190 inhabitants), unavailability of any hotel or suitable
camping stores for tourists in this region/area, Kish Island's support for investing in this area, the
recognition of the region and the increase of tourists in Hondurabi can be good options for the
construction of campsites and coastal villages to increase tourist attraction and prosperity in this

On the other hand, skilled workforce, energy, and transportation of materials will also be
challenging for construction of the Hondurabi coastal village, which must be taken into


 Hendurabi Coastal Village



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