Feasibility Study of Coastal Waterpark Complex Establishment Project

Feasibility Study of Coastal Waterpark Complex Establishment Project

Project Date : 2018
Employer : Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran The Supreme Council of Iran’s Free Trade, Industrial & Special Economic Zones


The tourism industry is considered as one of the most important economic and effective factors
in the cultural, social and economic development of human societies which brings nations,
communities, and cultures together, and creates a large number of jobs. Tourism, as an effective
approach, can play an effective role in the development and diversification of the economy
through systematic programming and identification of advantages and limitations. The tourism
industry is economically diverse, with its effects on GDP, entrepreneurship, and utilization of
various economic sectors. Therefore, it can be said that the tourism industry is an important
factor in the economic development of societies and can create economic benefits for all
countries by creating a kind of entrepreneurship. Many countries have increasingly recognized
the fact that they have to take initiatives to improve their economic situation and seek new
ways. On the other hand, the tourism industry in Iran, with a very high comparative advantage,
can achieve economic growth, and social welfare if achieved to its deserved status.

Tourism is not limited to visiting natural or historical attractions, but it also includes a wide
variety such as modern hotels, artificial lakes, and waterparks that play an important role in
tourist attraction and income generation, and is also developing throughout the world. Large
waterparks can also be factors for attracting tourists and creating jobs in countries. The
waterpark is said to be a place where entertainment and exciting water-based gadgets and
games are created. In general, waterparks can be divided into indoor and outdoor areas.
Outdoor waterparks are usually constructed in tropical locations, and indoor parks are often
seen in urban areas.

In this study, feasibility study of establishing a coastal water park in Chabahar Free Zone is
reviewed. Chabahar is the only Iranian port on the ocean front and is affected by ocean winds;
it has a pleasant weather in all seasons and is the coldest Iranian port in summer and the
warmest in the winter. Also, the presence of ecotourism attractions attracts tourists to this area.
The construction of a water park in addition to reducing unemployment rate in Chabahar Free
Zone, the increase in tourism and economic prosperity of the region, due to the growing
inclination of natives and tourists to the use of water amusement benefits to the investor. The
construction of the water park will reduce the unemployment rate in the Chabahar Free Zone
and increase the tourism and economic prosperity of the region, and will benefit a lot to the
investor due to the growing interest of indigenous people and tourists in using water pleasure.

Advantages of Chabahar Free Zone for constructing a waterpark:

Four-season weather
The existence of historical and natural tourist attractions
The increasing rate of tourist attraction
Shortage of amusement centers in spite of a young and growing population

Advantages of investment in Chabahar Free Zone:

Chabahar Free Zone, as a link between Iran and Oman Sea is one the most important waterways
in the world. Access to high seas and international ports has made Chabahar Free Zone a
geographically convenient location to transit goods to member countries of the common wealth
of independent states. In addition, low storage costs and port services for containers and

commercial goods and the ability of ability of mooring big ships (100 thousand tons) have
made this region economically important and suitable for investment.



Coastal Waterpark Complex


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