Opportunities of investment and business in Iran’s Renewable energy

  • 06/23/2018
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Opportunities of investment and business in Iran’s Renewable energy

Publish Date: 8/15/2017
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Production of electrical energy by using too much fossil fuels is harmful for future of earth and environment. So because of this and increasing cost of fossil fuels, countries seek to production of electricity from renewable sources such as solar energy, wind energy and waves. These resources in addition to be harmless are inexpensive and available for environment.
Iran as one of the most populous and consumer countries in field of electricity seeks to use renewable methods of generating electricity. Because in this way, much of consumed fuel in power stations is assigned to sell or to process in petrochemical plants. It is also worth noting that achieving new energies and using them for domestic and industrial consumptions have been emphasized in Iran's 20-year vision plan.
This plan has been designed based on Iran’s climate capacity. Iran has a very high capacity in producing the energy by new methods. Iran’s geographical location where amount of sunlight is highly desirable and available. According to data, Iran has about 300 sunny days during the year that provide considerable capacity for solar power plant. In addition windy areas are suitable for wind turbines. Also water borders such as the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf have the necessary capacity to be use by electric power plants. There are many dams in this country that are considered as an advantage.
According to mentioned topics in above, methods of producing energy must be changed. Obviously, supplying energy traditionally has different problems for country and there are considerable capacities to produce clean energy therefore one of the most important preferences of country is to change the methods of producing energy and to use safe and natural resources.

Opportunities of investment in Iran
Opportunities of investment in the renewable energy sector are as follows:
• The high number of sunny days
• Vastness of desert lands (direct and prolonged sunlight)
• Wide windy areas
• Water borders such as the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf
Due to importance of this sector for the government and existing the various opportunities in order to support and to encourage the private sector to enter into this type of investment, the Iran’s government has considered incentives in laws and contracts. Some of these incentives include:
• Guaranteed purchase of electricity (for 20 years)
• Increasing purchase tariff of electricity
• Removing tax of electrical equipment imports
• Providing the financial facilities in order to equip and to utilize wind and solar power plants
• Free accessing to areas where sunlight amount is high

Conclusion and suggestions
The importance of changing the methods of generating electricity are investigated in this article and you know now Iran is one of the countries that are susceptible to these changes because of having the climate features.
On the other hand, presence of private sector because of the importance of privatization in this field is very important for Iran. So has been tried to provide facilities in order to encourage and to increase security of private investors in this industry.
It should be noted that despite of available opportunities in this field sometimes we face to not too successful or failed projects that lead to loss or low profitability of the project. So you must use feasibility studies and prepare the studied investment plans in order to reduce your investment risk and to do work more secure.

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